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Puzzle Piece Kids helps children and teens reach their social potential through Speech Therapy.

No Stone Is Left Unturned.
This area of speech focuses on the production of sounds, words, placement of tongue when speaking and helping children to be understood.
Stuttering, choppy and robotic speech are all signs of disfluency. A major Part of a child using their voice is the ability to fluently convey ideas.
Voice and Resonance
Did you know that if your child has a raspy voice or hoarseness it can be coached out with voice and resonance training?
Communication Modalities
For children that are unable to express themselves verbally, we use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) to develop a system of non-verbal communication.
Often times children may have a hard time following directions beyond two steps. This is caused by underdeveloped receptive language skills.
Believe it or not, if your child is having a hard time eating it could be due to a swallowing disorder. There are exercises that will correct this problem.
Receptive / Expressive Language
Learning words and stringing them together coupled with gestures such as a head nod or thumbs up is a major part of language. This a skill we develop in all children we have the pleasure to work with.
Cognitive Assessments of Communication
Cognitive refers to the brain. There are times brain function can affect attention span, awareness, memory and reasoning. Theses skills are not innate and can be taught through speech therapy.
Social Aspects of Communication
Understanding verbal and non-verbal cues, talking differently to adults vs. children and engaging in conversation is the most important aspect of communication. We cover it all!
NOTE. Speech therapy covers more than just speech, language and communication. At Puzzle Piece Kids, we implement life skills training in all therapy. Children and teens do much better when they are able to adapt to any environment whether at home, school or in the community.
3 Easy Steps To Get Started.
Contact Us.

Have concerns about your child’s speech and language development? Call us at 214-988-KIDS (5437). An intake coordinator will obtain all information needed to schedule your child’s evaluation, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Schedule Evaluation.

Once authorization is granted by your child’s doctor and insurance company, a comprehensive evaluation is then scheduled at the location of your choice (our clinic, your home or child’s school.

Start Therapy.

If deemed necessary, we will schedule therapy typically 2-3 days per week, depending on the child’s needs. You pick the time, date and location. We’ll pair the best therapist based on your child’s goals.

New Online Program Presented by Natalie J. Evans

Become Your Child’s Best Teacher
Imagine interacting with your kids in a fun and effective way that takes the stress out of communication.
Six-week online membership training program that includes weekly step-by-step training videos
Our parent support e-book: “Help!!! My Kid Isn’t Talking! ”
Our interactive workbook: “Piece by Piece: Connecting Kids with Communication”
Two 30- minute video calls with me or a member of my team to help you through the training
Enhancing Verbal And Nonverbal Speech.
Children learn best from other children and in social settings.
Gain Confidence.
EVANS Club is a once-a-month group outing for the families of Puzzle Piece Kids that allows the children to interact in a social environment. EVANS Club allows children to learn social skills, cooperation, empathy,  and increased self-esteem.
See Your Child In Action.
A major part of understanding your child better is observing your child in a controlled social setting. EVANS Club not only provides the opportunity for a social outing that benefits your child, you get to interact and chat with other parents with kids alike.
Puzzle Piece Kids sponsors many events for parents and children – we’re one big happy family.
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