Introducing Teletherapy

Convenient for parents, effective for children.

By Popular Demand.

In addition to our stellar in home and in office therapy, Puzzle Piece Kids is proud to introduce Puzzle Piece Kids’ Connection, our teletherapy service. 

Controlled by you, the parent.

Puzzle Piece Kids Connection was created by popular demand of parents that wanted to take charge of their child’s treatment. Over the years, many parents have voiced concerns that traditional therapy is dictated by doctors and insurance companies. 

Get Started Quicker.

Our parents grew tired of waiting weeks for a pediatrician’s visit and even longer just for insurance to grant a limited amount of speech therapy sessions. Puzzle Piece Kids has gotten numerous requests for therapy to be a process between the family and therapist only. 

Private. Safe. Secure.

With Puzzle Piece Kids Connection teletherapy, families are now able to receive a therapy consultation, be evaluated by a Texas licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and receive therapy with a click of a button through our HIPAA compliant software, making therapy private, safe and secure.

Easy. Affordable. Convenient.

Puzzle Piece Kids delivers the quality therapy and attention that your child needs and deserves with the click of a button, making access to therapy quick, easy, affordable and convenient. No doctor’s referral needed! No insurance authorization needed!

1. Request Consultation

Parents who would like for their child(ren) to begin online speech therapy are able to request a initial consultation to ensure that this program is the right fit for your child.

2. Evaluation

After agreeing to the terms and conditions for therapy, your child will be evaluated and his or her speech therapy needs will be discussed.

3. Customized Plan

Parents are able to customize therapy options that work best for your child’s needs to get the most individualized services to meet your child’s needs. As simple as 1-2-3!

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