Join The Family.

Yes, Loving Your Job Is Possible.

Puzzle Piece Kids is dedicated to providing the most effective therapy to the families we serve. It is important that we leave a positive, lasting impression, not only on our families – the entire community. We invite you to join our winning team of healthcare professionals.


Environment is everything. At PPK, we are intentional about making work fun and enjoyable.

In addition to home health, choose your location Duncanville, Tx or Mesquite, TX


Money makes to world go ‘round, right? We pride ourselves on paying you well and creating opportunities for you to earn extra.

Gas reimbursement, professional license reimbursement, employee referral bonus, weekly direct deposit and extra income opportunities set us apart from the rest.


We create many opportunities for you to grow professionally – both in therapy and as a leader.

We attend conferences, read books and shadow eachother for feedback.

Commited To Giving Children Their Voice And Helping Them Use It? Apply Now!


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